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A woman was killed in an accident on Route 33 in Roane County on Tuesday.  The West Virginia State Police reported that the woman collided with a truck carrying heavy machinery.  Her 8-year old grandson was in the passenger seat at the time of the accident and was transported to CAMC Hospital.  The Charleston Gazette covered the story here.

WV Wrongful Death and Fatality Lawyer

When a close family member has been lost in a fatal accident, it can be difficult for the family to deal with calls from insurance companies about the accident.  However, in any fatality accident, it is critical that a full investigation of the accident be explored before any settlement occurs.  In many cases there could be other insurance policies that were triggered by the incident which a family would not know about.  If the accident involved more than one vehicle, a claim could be made against multiple insurance companies.

What to Expect from a Lawyer in a Fatal Accident Case

A good lawyer will fully investigate a fatality accident and will provide the family with his or her opinion of whether an insurance company is making a fair offer.  Investigators and accident reconstruction experts are sent to the accident scene in many fatality cases in order to preserve any evidence that is present.  Additionally, an experienced fatality lawyer will review the accident report from any investigating agency in order to determine if other insurance policies could be triggered.

The lawyer who reviews the case should meet with the family in person and discuss all aspects of the case without charging a fee.  Remember, you can have multiple lawyers review a case before deciding who to hire.

Getting More Information

To speak to a WV fatal accident lawyer about a fatality or death case, contact Rist Law Offices toll free at 866-982-5299.  We handle fatal accidents throughout West Virginia and will meet with the family to discuss the case in depth so that an informed decision about how to proceed can be made.  When we are hired to work on a case, we do not collect a fee until the case is settled or won in court.

For more information, contact us by calling 866-982-5299 or fill out our online case review form and a lawyer will contact you.


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